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Unique project to support the Marshals

I’ve been racing for 15 years and am also a race marshal, so for 2019 together with my Boyfriend Andy (plus support) we are preparing our race car this year to be a Marshal Supporter car. With the backing of the BMMC (British Motorsport Marshals Club) it has an orange colour scheme, with BMMC logos and characters adorning the car, including the seat, thanks to Corbeau, and with thanks already to HRX and BestWorkWear, with some promotional support... even my race suit and team clothing will be in the colour scheme.

I intend to be able to offer a hot drink and hopefully a giveaway or two to any marshal that visits us in the paddock (or at sign on in the morning, depending on quantities).  Some companies have already offered to have a look through their stock of marketing material, or produce, to give away to the marshals.

To publicise the kind donations, we will be arranging a website feature page for the marshals to connect with, in conjunction with the BMMC ( and on this page, which will be directed at the marshalling region of each race circuit. 

I hope to also copy this promotion to Facebook and encourage the ‘like and share’ feature for additional advertising, which could feature your company promotion if you wish.  If you wish to take part, either regionally or for the whole season, I would greatly appreciate you contacting me to send your merchandise donation, in return I will promote you as a supporter with your logo and any promotional activity on offer, along with your Facebook page link if you wish.

The BMMC have kindly made me a BMMC Ambassador in recognition of my efforts to support marshals :)

The BMMC have kindly made me a BMMC Ambassador in recognition of my efforts to support marshals :)

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Awesome seat design by Corbeau

I’ve been racing for 15 years and am also a race marshal, so for 2019 myself and my boyfriend have created a 1-girl-racer team, calling ourselves “B42’s Motorsport” (both of our names begin with B and my race number is 42!) and we are preparing a Golf Gti Mk5 2 litre turbo (from scratch!), to compete in the Teekay Couplings Production GTi Championship - back in 2011 I won the mark2 8valve championship, with Finsport, so I’m stepping up a grade and we’re happy to be returning to the championship family atmosphere.  The PGTi have 13 races at 6 tracks across the UK plus other races throughout the year if possible.   

If you have supported me already, or offered a ‘box of goodies’ to us you will find your company logo below as a supporter.   After receipt of items that logo can be linked to your website and should you be able to offer financial funding (?), you will be offered the opportunity for logos on the car, clothing and the team vehicles.  The car body artwork design is a work in progress, as we await confirmation of potential sponsor decals requiring a key position.  Any financial offers would be commensurate with the size of logo displayed.

This is my own idea and I am personally funding this project, including building the car and livery, plus any promotional activity, and although funding a race car is expensive, it is promised that all merchandising material that you are kind enough to donate will be handed to marshals only, or if there is surplus, an auction or sale may take place and any funds raised will go towards the marshals fund.  Financial offers towards logos and advertising will be used to fund the livery of the race car.

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Thank you!