Project Gti Build

B42's Motorsport

Welcome to our B42’s Motorsport page (Boyd and Butcher building race car number 42!) featuring the build of the New Golf Gti race car – we have built from scratch to join the Production Gti Championship and possibly other series during 2019 and beyond (if I’m not too old!) the car has been decorated to feature the Orange of the Motorsport UK Marshals.  The unsung heroes of motorsport who are all volunteers – out in all weathers.  I myself am a keen marshal and hope to be able to offer at least a hot drink to those who visit me in the paddock and perhaps (funding allowing) offer some promo freebies, should they come my way.  Here are some photos of the build and thanks to those that have got involved with our “Support the Marshals” car.

Production Gti Championship

I raced in the PGTi back in 2011 when we had the Mark2 Golf 8valve, and I’m proud to say we actually won it!   This time we are building a new Mk5 and joining a well-established championship so it’s going to be a tough year as a newbie with a new car build and all the set up challenges that come with it.

Thank you Team B42's

Hard Work!

From road car to race car in less than 4 months!

Team Manager

With most of the work completed by Andrew Butcher - on top of a full time day job and teaching me some DIY mechanics on the way! thank you xx

Team Effort

Thank you to Jamie Butcher and Will Oldroyd for your help.

Thanks to JABBA for the engine prep and gear box.  

Thanks to All the supporters noted on the Marshal Support Car page for your help and donations, especially Kennington Motors for the paintwork and A2Z Signs for the colourscheme.  

I look forward to some happy racing with the team.

Our Supporters

Thank you for the build support