My Race History


I have raced in saloon cars since I first entered the Formula Woman competition back in 2003! I got the bug very quickly and have never looked back.. From FW to Mini Challenge to Fiesta Racing to Golf Gti's to Honda racing and now a new project with a Mk5 Golf Gti.


BMMC Buddies... I will be providing  cuppa to any visitor in orange to my paddock garage :)

I'm also a proud racing Marshal.  I am promoting the Orange Army with a livery on the car and providing a hot cuppa to any orange paddock visitors

Race Calendar


For 2019 it was a whole new challenge - we joined the Production Gti Championship, and again for 2020 we have 6 rounds of double headers - click for the calendar


This is me!


Hi, thanks for visiting my racing page.  I'm Dawn Boyd (nee Tomlinson).  I'm in my late 40's, I started racing very late in life compared to most, I have no family history with racing, I just know I love to drive cars.  I lost my brother when I was just 19 in a car crash at Xmas, so I may be more cautious than most racers but I also think that has helped me be a "cleaner" racer.   I lost my father to cancer in 2004, Dad knew I was through to the Formula Woman competition but never got to see me race.. I just hope he is proud of his 'little girl' and I sometimes feel he is watching me and keeping me safe x My ever present mum (aka Mumsie) has supported me at nearly every race and I thank her wholeheartedly for everything she has ever done for me x

Formula Woman - where it all started!

Formula Woman Top 100 at Pembrey races 2006

Back in 2003 I applied for the Formula Woman competition along with over 4000 women.  We took part in challenges, fitness tests (!) and PR training, plus racing at Knockhill and the final 100 won a chance to compete at Pembrey in 2006 which is quoted in the Guinness book of World records of the most ladies all in their first race event. :) I made some great friends and some of the mechanics and staff helped in future racing as well.   I got through all the elimination rounds and to boot camp.. I got to 31st place.  I didn't quite make it to the televised race team but by then I was hooked! Thanks to Tim Harvey, Graham Glew and the team for quite literally changing my life! :)

Mini Challenge


Some of the gang from FW worked in the Fiesta Championship and the Mini Challenge which opened the door for me.  I had a few races with Fiesta and 3 years of racing in the Mini's, having some great race experience and some great results including 3rd in the ladies challenge twice and a podium in the Anglesey winter races. I made some great friends in the Mini's including Jay Finlay who was my mechanic. Jay helped me get into racing with better value.  We bought a golf Gti Mk2 together and went on to compete in other series. 



The Golf... "Max" was just the start.. We had great results with the Golf Gti Championship and the VAG trophy earning many podiums.  We also entered the Production Gti Championship in 2011 and we cleaned up in the 8 valve class! I won the lot!  Jay, his partner Kim and I created Finsport together, a race team and tuning business.  

We raced the Golf Mk2 for a few years, then a Fiesta "Syd" and "Molly" (after Syd was dramatically sent to the great race track in the sky!) where we experienced slick and wet tyres which was a challenge! and then a Honda Civic Type-R "Fyn" brought us 3 years of VTec Challenge, winning the Series as 2013 Production Class Champions, CTCRC and 750mc brought podiums as well. 

Finsport has grown over the years, literally! Jay and Kim are now married and have a lovely family. I'm even Rihanna's god Mother! We had some fantastic results, some not so brilliant but we had over 10 years of excellent memories and a trophy cabinet wall!. I will never forget it :)  

My personal life has changed for the better, I now have a lovely partner, Andy, and we are going to build a race car together on a budget, I wish the Finsport family all the best for the future, Im sure you will prosper.  Thank you for the memories! :)



For 2019 Andy and I have created the “B42’s Motorsport” race team (both of our names begin with B and my race number is 42!) and we built a Golf Gti Mk5 (from scratch!), to compete in the Teekay Couplings Production GTi Championship. - back in 2011 I won the mark2 8valve championship, with Finsport, so I’m stepping up a grade and we’re happy to be returning to the championship family atmosphere.   

As I'm also a proud member of the BMMC 'Orange Army' Marshals Club, the car has been decorated to support the Marshals.

See the B-42's Supporters Race Car page for more opportunities to support the marshals.   


The PGTi have 13 races at 6 tracks across the UK plus other races throughout the year if possible.   

B42's... Andy Butcher


I became friends with Andy back in 2008, whilst we were racing in the Mk2 Golfs.  I raced alongside Jamie, his son, seemingly always sharing the same tarmac!  There are many race stories of battles won and lost that still play out today! and we shared several podiums.  It wasn't until 2016 that life changes brought us together.

 Andy has many years experience of prepping and building vehicles for all kinds of events, from classics to modern.  Andy has built several race cars, including classic Mini's for stock car racing, auto solo and circuit racing.  Jamie's junior race Mini won several races, and the Golf won "Best Prepared car" in 750MC.

Andy had his own successful business restoring original Mini's. He now creates and restores MG's with Frontline Developments.  He built the Top Gear car of the Series of 2016.  Now the project is my race car! :) lets see where that takes us...