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Club Motorsport at its Best!



In need of Sponsorship


motor racing can be utitlised to suit your company, through brand advertising or even hospitality/staff incentives


If you would like to get involved please get in touch


Advertising ONLY available if you prefer!!

Advertise on my car from just 500 per round - contact me here


Fantastic Sponsorship Opportunity!



spoonblue_zpsa93e685a.png (17852 bytes) Spoon Sports Europe helped supply the Exhaust for the race car 2014
MeisterR-Logo.jpg (36074 bytes) Meister R have supplied suspension for the race car and will team up with Finsport
Support from Vibra Technics
gjr.jpg (20554 bytes) Gary is the team photographer from 2014
wpe7.gif (11982 bytes) My thanks to Nicky Grist for the ongoing support and advice

With Thanks to Re-Design of Andover, supporting me since 2008.!
Andover Advertiser With thanks to the Andover Advertiser for their support with press releases both in paper publication and on line

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I'm very grateful to Rustlers for their support in 2007 and 2008:

wpeD.jpg (84234 bytes) thanks to LeePeckGroup for the promo leaflets

previous sponsorship leaflet for details of how to get involved

please contact me

With Thanks to my previous sponsors:

Wave 105

Mini Pirate

Goldenvale - Brunchetta Rustlers

ITV Meridian

Fitness First Swindon
Andover Advertiser Re-Design - Andover Girl Racer Emmi uk

Photographs with thanks to:

Barry Ambrose Photography www.fierce1.co.uk,  Derek Binsted www.bindelpics.co.uk


Jamie Peters-Ennis, Oliver Read Motorsport Photography

Paulvwnut, Steve Jones, www.2007bc.co.uk, Bourne Photographic, Ken Grey - Motorpix.co.uk



Dad, I hope you are proud of me!

Mum, thanks for always being my biggest supporter

Paul, "Chief Roadie"! - thanks for all your support

Jay - couldn't race without you!