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Approaching its 5th season as a championship, the VW Golf Gti Racing has enjoyed packed grids since its inception. The Club racers are a real crowd pleaser for all enthusiasts for the classic VW Golf Gti Mk 2; the strongest hot hatch ever built.

To the championship and Dawns team, presentation is paramount. The cars, drivers, officials and paddock are modelled on professional race series’. The collection of brightly liveried Golf Gti’s provides a captivating and charismatic addition to every venue that the Championship attends.

Since its introduction, the Golf Gti has been a magnet for fans. The Golf Gti Racing provides an effective ongoing channel for this attention - for the benefit of series competitors and sponsors.

Sponsors are well served, with the team and supporters kitted out in promotional jackets and T-shirts, with t-shirts available for sale to the public and advertising available on the car and the team lorry.

Dawn’s own website can provide links to sponsors, club websites, newspaper and radio coverage; this ensures extensive national and regional exposure for associated companies.



Golf Gti Racing has its own website

Gti Racing is CLUB racing at its best - affordable and friendly


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Dawns car is expertly "spannered" and maintained by JMS Motorsport


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