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Racing for 2015

2nd Full Season with FINSPORT prepared Honda Civic TypeR "Fyn"

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All rounds have 1 qualifying and 2 races


28th/29th March 2015




Castle Combe

4th May 2015



Mallory Park - Festival

23rd/24th May 2015




6th/7th June 2015


Brands Hatch Indy

25th/26th July 2015


15th/16th August 2015

Snetterton 300

19th/20th September 2015


3rd/4th October 2015



Racing for 2014

1st Full Season with FINSPORT prepared Honda Civic TypeR "Fyn"

All race weekends have 1 qualifying on Saturday and 2 races on Sunday

 Donington Park

22nd/23rd March 2014

Donington Park 23-3-141932-3.jpg (1025714 bytes)

Awesome start to the season!

Class Pole and 2x Class wins :)

picture c/o Derek Binstead



26th/27th April 2014

10342427_753179444712751_6017226140625060549_n.jpg (113961 bytes)

electrical gremlins - started from pit lane

2 x 2nd in class

picture c/o Motorv8 Media



Snetterton 300

10/11 May 2014

snet2.jpg (41687 bytes)

wet quali - Class Pole - P3 on the grid!

race 1 dry, understeer :(

Race 2 very wet, slid off but 

2x Class wins :)

picture c/o Motorv8 Media


Silverstone National

7 8 June 2014

DJB1.jpg (89500 bytes)

wet quali - steamed up!

poorly organised rolling start, made up 16 places!

2 class wins :)

picture c/o Derek Binstead

Cadwell Park

26th/27th July 2014

Cadwell 1.jpg (126963 bytes)

great to have clean races at Cadwell!

2 x 2nd in class

picture c/o Motorv8 Media



17th August 2014

Thruxton1.jpeg (1230643 bytes)

Additional round :)

Home Circuit

topped 123mph :)

picture c/o John Egremont :)

Brands Hatch Indy

6/7 September 2014

brands 1.jpg (56444 bytes)

wrapped up the Series! :)  Winners of Production Class!

picture c/o Motorv8 Media


Spa !

3/4/5th October 2014

Spa1.jpg (60561 bytes)

what a way to end the season.  

Bit of fuel trouble in race 1 made it a very long race.. but wow! Racing at full pelt in the sunshine was fantastic.  Race 2 was extremely slippery in the rain, glad I knew where I was going! the spray was horrendous, but still good fun. 2x 2nd in Class

picture c/o Motorv8 Media




Racing for 2013

2nd Full Season with FINSPORT prepared Fiesta ST

All race weekends have 1 practice and 1 qualifying on Saturday and 2 races on Sunday


6th/7th April 2013

slow in quali - too far to catch up

over tried in race 2

picture c/o Marc Waller

Snetterton 300

20th/21st April 2013

IMG_6104.JPG (207268 bytes)

Huge crash in race 2 - bye bye Syd! :(

picture c/o Ivan Clark

Silverstone National

11th/12th May 2013

New Car - introducing "Molly"!

race-built in 11 days by Finsport

Silv9.jpg (209805 bytes)

dry race 1 - 20th / 31

wet race 2 16th!

picture c/o Marc Waller

Castle Combe

15th/16th June 2013

IMG_0732 copy (Medium).jpg (286105 bytes)

Weather!! started wet, dried out, 

race1 dry, turned wet, race 2 wet, dried out!

picture c/o Ivan Clark

Snetterton 300

20th/21st July 2013

Snet1.jpg (67918 bytes)

Not my best:  Race1 got blocked in and couldn't catch up.  Race 2 dodgie tyre - major understeer, boot catches failed after going off track and over the bumps too often

picture c/o Ashley Bryant @BryantPhotography

Brands Hatch Indy

31st August/1st September 2013

1240278_649114918440377_1922361137_n.jpg (67646 bytes)


Donington Park

14th/15th September 2013

DSCF3386.JPG (1263956 bytes)

Brands Hatch Indy

Formula Ford Festival

26th/27th October 2013

1425655_10151819179032917_324080560_n.jpg (72833 bytes)

Got the tyre choice very wrong and got punted off!  again! not a good end to season.  kind of summed up the whole season really. 


My thanks to :


website photos with my thanks to:-

Karl Bowdrey, Barry Ambrose,  Steve Shurey, Derek Binsted,  

Oliver Read, Jamie Peters-Ennis, Paulvwnut, Steve Jones, 

@BryantPhotography, Ivan Clark, and



Racing for 2012

1st Full Season with FINSPORT prepared Fiesta ST "Syd" !


Silverstone National

7th/8th April 2012 - double header

slvstn ss.jpg (2435238 bytes)

Wet - not last, but some work to do

learned what the car does in difficult conditions 

but off the pace of the pack


Snetterton 300

28th/29th April 2012 - double header

Syd test day.jpg (1689208 bytes)


WET! last after pit stop to clear window

Race 2 better, actually raced with someone for whole race. 15th



Donington Park GP

 18th/19th May 2012 - double header

Donington pic 1.jpg (94683 bytes)

Finally some dry racing

much better - 14th and 12th

trophy for best improved driver


Cadwell Park

2nd/3rd June 2012 - double header

poorly syd cadwell.jpg (131665 bytes)


quali 9th :-) 

got tipped round in race 1 - recovered and finished 10th, repaired only to be completed punted off on the last lap of race 2.  Very wet conditions but harshly "dispatched" in a corner.. 

Syd very damaged.. :-(


30th June 1st July 2012 - double header

Rockingham 2012.jpg (486452 bytes)

another eventful one.. puncture in quali when doing well, race 1 cooked tyres and slid to last, race 2 better but a broken wheel bearing caused drive shaft and gear box failure.. crawled over the finish line in neutral!


Brands Hatch Indy

4th&5th August 2012 - double header

enjoyed this one! much closer racing and actually had some luck for a change.  

brands aug1.jpg (88937 bytes)

finished 9th race 1, then gained but lost a few places in race 2 11th.  Car seemed a little underpowered tho

Snetterton 200

1st/2nd September - double header

not good on the 200 track.. losing speed somehow.  Replaced something, feels better, hoping for better in last round.

syd at Snet.jpg (58377 bytes)

Syd supporting new FINSPORT livery :)


Brands Hatch Indy

27th/28th October 2012 - double header

very cold and wet, good racing but too slippery

looking forward to racing again in 2013


Racing for 2012

New Season - new Car!

Please Welcome.... "Syd" !



Racing for 2011

3rd Full Season with JMS prepared Golf Gti  "Max" !

podium donington.jpg (73102 bytes)

Donington Park

3 April 2011 - double header

V.A.G 2nd April - 3rd and 2nd in class

Golf Races 4th and 3rd

a great start to 2011

brands golf podium 1.jpg (86101 bytes)

Brands Hatch Indy

1 May 2011 - double header

V.AG - 3rd and 3rd class

Golf Races 3rd and 2nd!!

best ever Golf Championship Result!


photo.JPG (7763476 bytes)

Cadwell Park

22nd May 2011 - double header

6th in both races

got blocked by grid staller on  race 1

came off the black stuff too often in race 2 :-(

non championship race 

Production Gti

IMG_3888.jpg (104914 bytes)


11/12th June 2011 - double header

2 class wins - dry and wet!

PICT0770.JPG (1419545 bytes)

Oulton Park 

2nd July 2011 - double header

heavy damage 4th and 7th

non championship race 

Production Gti

272118_10150241642541512_632386511_7699447_4248408_o.jpg (454999 bytes)


17th July 2011 - double header

2 class wins! dry and damp

non championship race 

Production Gti

Brands Indy 

14th Aug 2011 - double header

2 class wins

Brands Hatch 


20th August 2011 - single

3rd in class

and 2nd in VAG


302755_10150269216331991_671756990_8116327_2942807_n.jpg (152397 bytes)


3 September - single

3rd in class

plus 2nd in VAG

non championship race 

Production Gti


Snetterton 300

18th September 2011 - double header

Golf Gti Finale


IMGP2061.JPG (1111338 bytes)

Snetterton 300


15th & 16th October 2011 - double header

2nd and 4th + 2nd and 3rd VAG

2011 V.A.G. Trophy 

Overall Championship Result


2nd in Class

VAG 2nd class 2011 trophy.jpg (607432 bytes)

2011 Golf Gti 

Overall Championship Result


4th in Class









Racing for 2010

2nd Full Season with JMS prepared Golf Gti  "Max" !

brands 28-3-100326-1.jpg (1086767 bytes)

Brands Hatch Indy

28th March 2010 - double header

Fantastic first race.  Qualified 3rd and finished 3rd in race 1 


2nd race was just as exciting but finished 4th

non championship race with Peugeot 106

Alan Blencowe Racing


c_combe_3-5-100043-1.jpg (985243 bytes)

Castle Combe 

3rd May 2010 


no where near the pace, but the car has no modifications, everyone else's did!!  had a good battle with some lower classes and car performed well


Brands mar10 BA 2.jpg (345158 bytes)

Brands Hatch 


23rd May 2010 - single

Most hectic race ever.  Hit someone, got hit from behind, recovered a half spin and avoided a spinner...

 Grand Prix track very challenging.  

Qualified 5th and finished 4th in class.  

10th overall which is best ever result in Golf's. 

non championship race with Peugeot 106

Alan Blencowe Racing


c_combe_3-5-100043-1.jpg (985243 bytes)

Castle Combe 

31st May 2010 


unfortunately didn't go so well, problem with car, wouldn't pull away after each corner..  that's racing!!


DSCF0517.jpg (614922 bytes) 

Castle Combe 

19th June 2010


Really enjoyed this event, know the track well now and quali'd 3rd in class.


Fought with 16v's for the whole race, couldn't find a way through.  Pulled a gap from the next 8v and finished 3rd in class again. :o) 

cadwell 10.jpg (75590 bytes)

Oulton Park 

24th July 2010 

great race - started dry - rain half way through

very slippery but made up 11 places !

finished 4th in class again


Additional race with TTRS 

I won my class!!

 see race report here


DSCF0520.jpg (575154 bytes)

Cadwell Park

21st August 2010


race 1 lost 3rd place, slid on oil. Finished 4th.

Race 2 carnage!..   big smash at the front, re-start only 6 minute race!! another big crunch, finished 4th

silverstone 1.jpg (55161 bytes)



1st October 2010 


horrendous weather, came 5th in Golfs 


+ Additional race with VAG Trophy..  FIRST!!

Snetterton Oct 2010 020.jpg (1013272 bytes)


30th October 2010


great weather, two 3rds in the Golf's

+ Additional race with VAG Trophy.. 2nd! awesome day!

podium snet.jpg (82403 bytes)

snet fast pic.jpg (66766 bytes)

trophies.jpg (68962 bytes)





Racing for 2009

First Full Season with 

JMS prepared Golf Gti

"Max" !


snet09 4.jpg (289505 bytes)


14th March 09

8th and 7th

dawn 1.jpg (1148588 bytes)

Brands Hatch

26th April 09



7th June 09

8th & 7th

Cadwell Park

July 09

5th & 6th

Picture4.png (2802095 bytes)

Mallory Park

July 09

5th & 4th!!

silverstone.jpg (85455 bytes)


Aug 09


P1000909.2.jpg (877124 bytes)

last corner chaos @ Snett Sept 09


_290brands 25-10-09-1.jpg (1017999 bytes)

Brands Oct 09

qualified 3rd!! but finished 4th

Stunning First Season:


finished 4th in class

8th Overall out of 46!


Highest Placed Girl of all 750MC! 




see HISTORY for previous photos


for previous gallery see history page